From entrance door to patio door

The Novatech Group is proud to invite you to its showroom in Sainte-Julie. This showroom is open to the public and to industry professionals. A consumer advisor is available on site to help customers choose an entrance door that suits their taste and meets their needs.

The Novatech group develops new products that redefine industry standards, from developing new designs for entry doors to developing new technologies for doorglass.

A never before seen program for our customers

The Novatech Group continues to innovate and implement best business practices. For several years, the company has implemented a daring program of « Lean » Commercialization whose goal is to revisit its marketing practices based on the world class standards of excellence. Inspired by the « Lean » vision of the Toyota model and based on best practices of world class commercialization, the Lean Program of Excellence in Commercialization is an original and reliable approach which allows for the rapid and efficient transformation of the company’s business model. The program’s approach and tools are innovative and practical. They focus as much on enhancing company performance in the short term as on developing skills and internal capacities for commercialization that are too often ignored. This program creates a value advantage for the Novatech Group’s customers.

The Novatech difference originates from the management of the company who are firmly committed to two big objectives: development of products that exceed customers’ expectations and the quality of the Novatech brand.